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This work comes with a variety of benefits that will affect many different aspects of your life. The main goal is to create more space inside your nervous system, which will allow you to feel and access more inside yourself.  Once you have created more space and it becomes more sustainable, a variety of shifts occur. You may feel more comfortable in your body, have a wider range of emotion with a greater capacity to feel more, and make different, novel choices for yourself.

What sets Network Care apart from traditional chiropractic and other modalities and why does it require the amount of time and effort that it does?

This video explains the benefits of Network Care, the power of its comprehensiveness as a healing modality, and why you might consider engaging it and/or what supports you in understanding if you are already under care.

Improved Physical State

  • Less physical pain, less tension or stiffness of spine, greater range of motion.

  • Healthier immune system.

  • Fewer headaches.

  • Less menstrual discomfort.


Improved Mental/Emotional State

  • Greater range of emotion; capacity to feel a fuller spectrum of emotion including sadness, anger, shame, joy, gratitude, love. 

  • Improved ability to think, concentrate and focus.

  • Improved ability to stay on task.

  • Less distress about pain.


Improved Life Enjoyment

  • Openness to guidance by “inner voice feelings”.


Experience of Relaxation & Wellbeing

  • Positive feelings about self.

  • Interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by effortlessly making healthier choices.

  • Feeling open when relating to others, and speaking more honestly.

  • Confidence when dealing with adversity.

  • Compassion for and acceptance of others.

  • More joy or happiness

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