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We see everyone who walks into The Vitality Center space as a superhero. Underneath layers of protection, the superhuman lives. Our job is help peel back the layers and invite the real you to come out and play.

We know that the layers are there for a reason. They are highly intelligent and have provided you with shielding and protection. They help you feel safe in a crazy, confusing world.

We believe that it is time to reveal the fullness of the human spirit. It is time to come out of hibernation and enjoy the magic, beauty and warmth of the world.

The mission of The Vitality Center is to create a community of people on their journey to greater physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. We do so through Vitality care, SRI, Higher Conscious Integration Sessions, Coaching, Diet, Music, and other integrative methods. We do this in a safe, nurturing and thriving space.


Based on client feedback, here are some of the impacts:

  • Greater ease, flexibility and range of motion in the body

  • Reduction and elimination of pain

  • Greater clarity and insight

  • Better sleep

  • Reduction or elimination of headaches

  • More energy

  • More satisfaction with life

  • More insight into who you really are, what your potential really is, and gaining the courage to step up in your life.

  • The opportunity to explore all parts of you, accept all parts of you, and evolve to the greatest version of you.

Some people this work has been effective for are:

  • Seekers who have done a lot of personal growth work and need more integration between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems.

  • Millennials with young bright minds and futures, here on a mission and would like support in achieving their goals.

  • Athletes who can gain more flexibility and range in their abilities to perform and set new goals. Vitality care accelerates your performance.

  • Families benefit from Vitality care both individually and as a family unit, allowing more harmon, love and truth to arise in the family system. 

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