Dr. Jane Arzt D.C.

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Dr. Jane Arzt D.C. is the founder and the principal practitioner of The Vitality Center since 1997. Jane attended Washington University in St. Louis as an undergraduate and graduated from Life West Chiropractic College in 1995 with honors. She began her studies of Network Spinal Analysis in 1991.


Jane has studied with many teachers, has done many years of personal development and growth work. She regularly participates in both learning and experiential seminars to further advance her skills as both a practitioner, and as a loving, intuitive, nurturing human being. She loves to support people in growth, possibility and potential. As the mother of three girls, she is committed to family care and enjoys working with children, and teenagers.

Jane is a current student of Thomas Huebl ( and has completed a two year Timeless Wisdom Training with him and is acting as a Trainee in his second US 2 year program . She has followed his online classes since 2014. She also spent 13 years immersed in the studies and practices of Siddha Yoga. She has studied with Alison Armstrong ( and delights in working with couples and masculine/feminine dynamics. She also has spent many hours listening to Eckart Tolle and Abraham Hicks hearing over and over the same message of presence, acceptance, and being in the now.


These studies come through in the creativity of her work. All of these studies have supported her personal growth, bringing a remarkable clarity and depth to her work. Jane is fluent in French, dapples in Italian and enthusiastically welcomes foreign speakers into her practice. She is a nature enthusiast and spends lots of time in the hills with her black lab, Jack.

Vanessa VerLee

Vanessa VerLee is a Wellness Educator, who has been offering private and group SRI sessions 2012. After coming to network care in early 2010, Vanessa felt her life propel in beautiful ways. Consistent entrainments and SRI sessions have given her immeasurable amounts of strength, ease, joy, peace and energy. It is Vanessa’s purpose in life to inspire each and every person she encounters to find their own connection to these gifts.


fill in (substitute) practitioners


Dr. Jill Schneider is dedicated to living a life that is compassionate, honest, and empowers others to express their unique Self. She believes that the body has a wisdom waiting to be freed, and that through awareness and touch, that wisdom can be experienced by everyone. While at a crossroads in her life, she discovered chiropractic as a physical and emotionally healing method and began the earnest pursuit of optimal body-mind education.


Dr. Shea Lindsey graduated from Life Chiropractic West college in 2015. Dr. Shea grew up in a holistically minded home and at an early age was taught to trust the human body and its potential. In 2010, when she discovered NSA, Network Spinal Analysis care she knew it was going to be her path as a healer. Dr. Shea began to learn from the developer of NSA from the start of her Chiropractic education and is honored to be sharing her expertise at The Vitality Center.