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A safe haven for healing and transformation in the east bay. I have never left this place unchanged.


Jane is a force that we all need in our lives. She has helped me to find the strength and the clarity that I already possessed and I know the course of my life will be forever changed as a result.


You should go see her, but not because your back hurts. Go because your soul wants more out of your life.


As a Somatic Psychotherapist with a focus on trauma for fifteen years I have been immersed in healing modalities; many falling short by not knowing how to track the nervous system, to stay relational for the long haul, to understand the anatomy, to stay steady in the face of challenge...


Jane Arzt, DC at the Vitality Center is one of those rare practitioners who can support the whole person; from vertical spiritual issues to horizontal relational issues, from a twisted ankle to an anguished soul. I can't recommend her enough. Her skill is superior to anyone I have worked or studied with. Do yourself and your life's evolution a favor and sign up!


Above all, there is an overwhelming feeling of recognition and reunion, of coming home to myself, within myself; of being lighter, more awake and at home in my body and in my life.


I have more energy for my physical disciplines and overall a much better outlook on life than I did just a few short weeks ago. The skepticism in me has been replaced by inspiration, optimism, and curiosity.

Full-Story: Humpty Dumpty meets the Magician 


I believe this work has made a difference in the quality of my life physically and emotionally.  I can’t explain it but I know that something has changed in the way I think, behave, move and the way I make choices in my life, that I was unable to make before.  The ability, the strength, the courage to let go of a relationship that had not served me for a long time.  Although extremely painful, I knew that it was time.  Only after starting this care was I able to know deep within, that now I could take that difficult step to move forward and do what was truly best for me.

I look forward to the future and how network care will help me live the life I was meant to live!


I came to Network Spinal Analysis because of my upper back discomfort and I have been receiving relief from this and much much more!


I have learned to really listen to and hear the messages from my body. I now feel that I actually live in and with my body. My sleep is deeper. My joy and inner peace is deeper. My gratitude for life and learning and grace is deeper.


The quality of my life has improved and I make choices for me and my caring for myself. I love my body and act in ways that show it. My gift to my body is Network Spinal Analysis.


Physically I have noticed many changes – my posture of course is much better and I feel like it takes me so much less effort to sit straight, stand tall; my balance has improved and I have a greater sense of my “center”.  I have noticed that the wear pattern of my shoes has changed (my left food use to wear really off center) now both beet wear more evenly.  Great!

Emotionally I find its easier to identify what’s bothering me when I am upset; actually a lot of stressors just wash over me (some things stick, but not as many and as long).  Happy times seems sweeter and I feel more engaged with life.