Our Center is a fully integrated center for healing. We include Network Spinal Analysis, Somato Respiratory Integration, Higher Consciousness Healing, Subtle Awareness Coaching, and Trauma integration. 


In today’s culture of stress we are in a state of information overload and wisdom deprived. Our bodies are working in overdrive just to maintain health and seek balance, which takes a lot of room and space. This is because the constant over stimulation we receive on a daily basis desensitizes our nervous system putting our body in a state of defense. Our sympathetic nervous system is working most of the time. 


Vitality care gradually shifts our body from defense into safety, which allows for a greater experience of peace, not limited to our body. This allows our bodies to slow down, and allow the parasympathetic nervous system to engage more. This state of ease creates a higher level of efficiency in the brain and nervous system, contributing significantly to our overall wellness, happiness, and success.


network spinal analysis

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) utilizes gentle touch contacts on the spine to shift the body from a defense physiology to growth.


Defense physiology shows up as a protective posturing which causes the shoulders to tighten, head to come forward, and our breath to diminish. Protective posturing elongates the spinal cord diminishing blood supply to the brain, specifically the frontal lobe. In the evolution of the brain the frontal lobe is the newest portion and is responsible for higher thought, consciousness, empathy, love, sense of self, and sexual desires. When the frontal lobe is not operating at it's best, the lower brain centers (hind brain), which is the more instinctual part of the brain becomes responsible for our actions. In this state we are reacting to life as opposed to responding from it. Although it is a viable short term strategy for us to be instinctual and make quick decisions when responding to threatening events it is damaging in the long term.


A Network Spinal Analysis entrainment (or adjustment) promotes ease in the body using the stress and tension as the fuel for shifting the body to a more healthful state of being. This shift creates strategies in the nervous system for connecting and releasing tension which has been shown to significantly improve wellness and quality of life.

somato respiratory integration

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is an educational and bodywork system designed to advance the strategies created within Network Spinal Analysis entrainments. Through breath, touch, and movements we facilitate peace, safety, and connection in the body. In addition to integrating SRI in the office during the entrainment sessions we offer ongoing workshops utilizing SRI purely on its own.


On the CALENDAR you will notice that approximately one day a week, there is an SRI day. This means that Vanessa VerLee, our SRI facilitator will be in the office with me during entrainments. Depending on where you are at in care, we will either suggest that you do SRI before the entrainment or after. 

We have the SRI here at the office because it helps you move through care faster, and helps create more inner attunement with your body. It may explore parts of your past, parts of your future, your lineage, and your breath.  We want you to participate with it as much as you can. It is for YOU.


There is an additional $20 fee for this addition. If we have your credit card on file, we are happy to bill it there at the end of the day. If you prefer to pay cash, that is always welcome.


Not every session is created equal. Some may be more powerful than others. In the beginning we are giving you tools that you may use at home, to slow down, and connect in. If you feel called or able, please spend 5 minutes a day, either upon waking, or going to bed, or both, to do these exercises.

higher consciousness integration 

We are excited to create spaces, or containers, for deep healing to happen.

We are offering Higher Consciousness Integration coaching in order to support you on your journey to wholeness. These sessions are done as online, on the zoom platform, which is a great communication tool that can occur from your own home! In so doing we are able to create a field for the unknown to emerge.

What we have noticed with taking care of people’s spines is that sometimes more is required to create movement. Sometimes trauma, or limitations are so intelligently hidden, and inaccessible, that they have become ‘normal’. These habits become a way of living. We are suggesting that by holding a powerful container, the hidden pieces have a safer space to emerge.

With this emergence, emotions are able to be accessed.  And as the emotions come up, it helps align the emotions with the physical body and the mind. Your body is so intelligent, and every strategy it has used to protect itself has been ideal for you. We are here to help you bring it back into congruence.

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